TDOH Conf 2018 Call for paper

Underground Hacking -- TDOH Conf 2018 Call for Papers
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Date: 2018/09/29
Location: Lotus Lake International Garden Villa (高雄蓮潭國際會館)
Address: No.801, Chongde Rd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City 813, Taiwan

What kind of talks do we want?
  1. Attacking the algorithms, system and technology this big data,  ML, predictive, well-meaning dystopia is built on. 
  2. Application implementation: The use of tools related to security,  dismantling, analysis, production, adaptation and other topics,  regardless of software, operating systems, hardware, development boards, etc. can be.
  3.  Experience sharing: The relevant experience of the game,   the analysis of the security incident, the explanation of the case details,   the explanation of the attack process, and the legal experience.
  4. Community sharing: student clubs, or newly formed communities, ideas for the promotion of security and security personnel, and the experience of organizing a security society or community.
  5. Activity events: get rid of unilateral technical output, so that the lecturer and the congregation can have a space for comfortable interaction and understanding, such as: small wargame contest with the congregation, unlocking activities, hosting under Pwn, etc. Any information security-related activities are can.

Talk  Submissions

Talk (50 min): 
  1. Speaker will receive a honorarium of $70 USD (or NT$2000)
  2. Provides two nights' stay (9/28 & 9/29)
  3. Transportation allowance (Foreign speaker: Kaohsiung International Airport, Domestic speaker: High speed railway)
  4. VIP dinner
  5. Celebration dinner
Community Talk (20min, Only for student and community):
  1. Speaker will receive a honorarium of NT$1000
  2. Transportation allowance (up to High speed railway) 
  3. Speaker Reimbursement Policy

Speaker Reimbursement Policy
Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) -Speaker from Taiwan will received reimbursement for round-trip THSR fare.

Airfare - Speaker from regions outside of Taiwan will received reimbursement for round-trip airfare.

Closing date: 2018.07.29 23:59
Call for papers:




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